The deep sea covers about 79% of the Mediterranean basin, including habitats potentially able to deliver multiple ecosystem services and numerous resources of high economic value.

Baltic Scope

This checklist toolbox represents the results of the task force and is an official output from the Baltic SCOPE project. The aim of the toolbox is to contribute to a harmonized understanding of what the Ecosystem Approach is and how it can be practically implemented in MSP.


This practice researches the overlap between the MSFD and other EU and international laws and agreements. It investigates where do synergies exist and includes the opinions of international experts in the Baltic Sea Region.

Angel Borja, Michael Elliott, MarĂ­a C. Uyarra, Jacob Carstensen and Marianna Mea

This book provides a 2017 update on scientific findings regarding implementing the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), and its aim of achieving good environmental status in all European seas by 2020.

Proposals should develop a non-invasive, opto-acoustic system which can simultaneously quantify fish abundance, biomass, and diversity.