The study analyses the national regulatory frameworks for MPAs in the Celtic Seas. It investigated the existing frameworks for marine conservation present in the Celtic Seas countries (France, Ireland and United Kingdom) and the differences betwee


In the framework of Protomedea and Marisca projects, a study aiming to map and categorize Fisheries Restricted Areas (FRAs) in the Aegean Sea was conducted. Results of the study were published in Mediterranean Marine Science.

The MedPAN Association supports Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) with the Call for Small Projects (CSP).

The aim is to complete the establishment of the Natura 2000 network in the marine areas, creating a GIS database, which stores the products of the project, and which is to be included in the information system of the protected areas of the NATURA 2000.

Natural England is seeking to identify a boundary for a marine SPA around the existing Isles of Scilly SPA, which is currently limited in extent to the land.

Researchers explored concerns regarding genetic variation in international and national policies that governs biodiversity.


Shape pilot project implemented in Puglia Region focused on assessment of the environmental features and problems affecting the marine and coastal zone of the MPA of Torre Guaceto.


Harmonization of policies required to identify, designate and manage MPAs.


This orientation plan sets out the broad goals and objectives for the MedPAN network and it intends to build support and coordination with other related regional and local partners to assist MPAs for invasive species management.


The aim of the project is the development and implementation of the Constanta Space Technologies Competence Centre Dedicated to the Marine and Coastal Regions Sustainable Development in spatial technologies.


Assess stakeholder perceptions towards the effectiveness of coastal and marine protection and management measures in the Mediterranean and Black Sea.