Maritime Spatial Planning

During the last decade, the rising interest in the marine world has provided the planning discourse with new issues such as the protection and preservation, as well as sustainable and resilient exploitation, of marine resources.

Science of The Total Environment

The need for alternative energy systems like offshore wind power to move towards the Green Deal objectives is undeniable.


The Synthesis report on the experience gained from maritime spatial planning (MSP) projects in the Baltic Sea Region and the resultant policy messages was developed by the consortium leading the Interreg BSR project platform Capacity4MSP: Strength

MSP-OR Advancing Maritime Spatial Planning in Outermost Regions

In this report some of the barriers and enablers in the existing platforms approaching Sea/Ocean themes are assessed and some criteria used to analyse each one is developed.

Frontiers of Maritime Spatial Planning and Management

Spatial planning faces challenges in addressing interactions between land and sea. This paper elaborates on land–sea interfaces, which can integrate certain socio-cultural values and related tensions into maritime spatial planning (MSP).

Frontiers in Marine Science

Ecosystems all over the world are under increasing pressure from human uses.

Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is used to identify the potential impacts of plans and policies such as maritime spatial planning (MSP).

Planning Practice & Research Volume 37

Denmark is currently producing their first Maritime Spatial Plan, as required by the European Union’s Maritime Spatial Planning Directive 2014/89.

Planning Practice & Research, Volume 37

One area where climate adaptation policies are proving difficult to design and implement is at the coast.


This report is developed within the framework of the MARSPLAN-BS-II project that supports coherent, cross-sectoral Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in Bulgaria and Romania, under the framework of MSP Directive 2014/89/EU, establishing a stable mech