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MSP Global

Successful marine management needs planners and managers who understand and work with the sea’s diversity in space and time.

Marine Policy, Volume 127

Marine/maritime spatial planning (MSP) is a process to optimise marine space allocation to various activities and the environment by avoiding negative interactions, improving synergies, thereby helping the advance towards a sustainable ocean econo

Marine Policy, Volume 131

Marine or maritime spatial planning (MSP) works across borders and sectors to ensure human activities at sea take place in an efficient and sustainable way.

International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications ICCSA 2020: Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2020 pp 521-534

Marine space is overall under increasing pressures from human activities. Traditionally, the activities taken place in oceans and seas were related to fishery and transport of goods and people.


Due to the present and future demand for marine resources and space, human activities in the marine environment are expected to increase, which will generate higher pressures on marine ecosystems, as well as competition and conflicts among marine

Macaronesian Maritime Spatial Planning - MarSP 

The report represents the current state of MSP in Madeira and will serve as a basis for future revisions of the Situation Plan for MSP in Madeira.

Instituto da Água

Study setting out the economic, environmental and social importance of Portugal’s mainland sea area, showing existing and potential uses and their integrated planning and adaptive management.