marine spatial planning

Marine Policy - Volume 141 

Achieving sustainability goals in shared marine ecosystems is often undermined by different nation state marine governance systems, conflict over jurisdictional boundaries, and geopolitical differences.

Planning Practice & Research

The aim of two themed issues on MSP, of which this is edition one, is to more firmly position the development of MSP in the core of spatial planning debates.

Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning  

We examined the application of knowledge in land-use planning as epistemic governance and explored how actors wield institutional power while legitimising the use of knowledge.

Planning Practice & Research

There is already a substantial body of literature examining the participation issues in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP). This paper addresses these issues in the French MSP process.

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

  1. The expansion and intensification of marine uses have severe cumulative impacts on marine ecosystems and human well-being, unless they are properly managed with an ecosystem-based management approach.

MDPI - Sustainability - Special Issue: Frontiers of Maritime Spatial Planning and Management

In early 2021, the Erasmus+ knowledge flows partnership organised a session to discuss the future of marine spatial planning (MSP) at an international conference.

Elsevier - Ocean & Coastal Management - Volume 218.

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) has been recognized as an essential tool for reducing the increasing pressures on marine and coastal areas (resulting from human activities and competition) and contributing to sustainable development.


Under the MSPGlobal initiative, two pilot projects, one in the Western Mediterranean and another in the Southeast Pacific, are facilitating concrete transboundary and cross-border activities as well as supporting the participating countries in suc

Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 287

Despite the recognized important ecological role that cetaceans play in the marine environment, their protection is still scarcely enforced in the Mediterranean Sea even though this area is strongly threatened by local human pressures and climate

Journal of Cleaner Production - Volume 330

Area-Based Management Tools (ABMTs) are spatial instruments for conservation and managing different forms of ocean use.

Planning Practice & Research   

Festering ocean conflict thwarts efforts to realize the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. This paper explores transformations of ocean conflict into situated sustainability pathways that privilege human needs, justice and equity.