marine spatial planning


Public Inquiry is an established process for effective testing and scrutiny of plans in terrestrial planning and is regarded as a means of providing credibility and accountability.

Ocean & Coastal Management

Aquaculture represents an important source of food and it plays an important role in terms of contribution to economic development.

Global Change Biology

Marine spatial planning that addresses ocean climate-driven change (‘climate-smart MSP’ is a global aspiration to support economic growth, food security and ecosystem sustainability.

Marine Policy, Volume 143

As marine spatial planning (MSP) continues to gain global prominence as an approach to ocean governance, planners and other stakeholders are eager to evaluate its social and ecological outcomes and to better understand whether plans are achieving


This paper introduces smart marine ecosystem-based planning (SMEP), a marine spatial planning (MSP) strategy for more participatory and responsive marine governance by leveraging “smart” digital services.

Scientific Journal of Maritime Research 36

The introduction of marine spatial planning (hereafter: MSP) for Croatia is essential, considering the coastline length and the increasing usurpation of coastal and marine space.

Seabird Biodiversity and Human Activities 

In the past three decades scientists have been equipping free-living seabirds with bio-logging devices to provide information about their behaviour in unprecedented detail.

Marine Policy - Volume 141 

Achieving sustainability goals in shared marine ecosystems is often undermined by different nation state marine governance systems, conflict over jurisdictional boundaries, and geopolitical differences.

Planning Practice & Research

The aim of two themed issues on MSP, of which this is edition one, is to more firmly position the development of MSP in the core of spatial planning debates.

Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning  

We examined the application of knowledge in land-use planning as epistemic governance and explored how actors wield institutional power while legitimising the use of knowledge.

Planning Practice & Research

There is already a substantial body of literature examining the participation issues in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP). This paper addresses these issues in the French MSP process.