marine spatial planning

Journal of Cleaner Production - Volume 330

Area-Based Management Tools (ABMTs) are spatial instruments for conservation and managing different forms of ocean use.

Planning Practice & Research   

Festering ocean conflict thwarts efforts to realize the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. This paper explores transformations of ocean conflict into situated sustainability pathways that privilege human needs, justice and equity.

Coastal Management

Marine spatial planning (MSP) is currently practiced by almost half of the world’s nations. While some countries are working on their second, third or fourth round of MSP, many are going through their first round of marine spatial planning.

Marine Policy - Volume 132

Over the past decade, marine/maritime spatial planning (MSP) has matured from a concept to a practical approach in advancing sustainable development and management of marine space.

Marine Policy, Volume 100

The worlds’ oceans and seas have tremendous potential to contribute to the provision of food, feed, energy and natural resources.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Marine renewable energy has considerable potential for enhancing the diversity of renewable sources, to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and combat climate change.

Marine Policy - Volume 65

There is broad agreement that marine spatial planning (MSP) should incorporate transboundary considerations, reflecting the cross-border nature of marine and coastal ecosystem dynamics and maritime resources and activities.

Journal of Spatial Science

Marine and coastal areas are under significant pressures due to the intense concentration of population and activities that often drive in conflicts.

Marine Policy, vol. 108

Although stakeholder participation is transversal to other steps of the Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) process, its recognition and adoption is context dependent.

Journal of Coastal Conservation, Volume 24

The present paper deals with landscape management issues, not only of terrestrial landscape but also of coastal and marine landscape.

Marine Policy, Volume 127

Marine/maritime spatial planning (MSP) is a process to optimise marine space allocation to various activities and the environment by avoiding negative interactions, improving synergies, thereby helping the advance towards a sustainable ocean econo

Evolution of Marine Coastal Ecosystems under the Pressure of Global Changes pp 441-456

In France, the absence of further development of marine fish farming over the last 20 years has been attributed to regulatory constraints, and to the difficult access to new farming sites, due to high competition between different uses in the coas