Marine Protected Areas

Science of The Total Environment

The need for alternative energy systems like offshore wind power to move towards the Green Deal objectives is undeniable.


This paper introduces smart marine ecosystem-based planning (SMEP), a marine spatial planning (MSP) strategy for more participatory and responsive marine governance by leveraging “smart” digital services.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The Department of Aquatic Resources at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU Aqua) was commissioned by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management to assess the ecological coherence of the marine protected area (MPA) network

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

  1. The expansion and intensification of marine uses have severe cumulative impacts on marine ecosystems and human well-being, unless they are properly managed with an ecosystem-based management approach.


As a changing climate alters ocean conditions, the redistribution of marine ecosystem services and benefits will affect maritime activities and societal value chains.


This publication was produced in the context of the CAP BOATING project. It aims at developing guidelines for sustainable recreational boating management in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean. 


The report represents a Deliverable of the ATLAS project that aims to understand the complexity of the deep-sea ecosystems.

The waters of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) host a diversity of marine and coastal habitats that are under increasing pressure from multiple anthropogenic activities related to rapid economic growth.

Management of the sea is increasingly complex, riddled with uncertainty and necessitates involvement from researchers across disciplines and stakeholders from multiple policy and practice sectors.

The current alarming state of many coastal ecosystems and fisheries calls for the development of tools to support recovery of exploited stocks, ensure their sustainable exploitation and protect marine ecosystems.

Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning  

Although marine spatial planning (MSP) is increasingly being applied worldwide, it appears to be based on an ambiguity that has arisen from its dichotomous role of ensuring both conservation and development.