marine policy

Science of The Total Environment - Volume 830

The human population is increasingly reliant on the marine environment for food, trade, tourism, transport, communication and other vital ecosystem services.


This paper examines the concept of maritime multi-use as a territorial/SPATIAL governance instrument for the enhancement of sustainable development in five EU sea basins.

Successful proposals will enhance new knowledge and design or improve tools to achieve better informed decision-making processes and better integrated policies, supporting the implementation of the European Green Deal.

Marine Policy, Volume 132

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) was designed to replace the contemporary fragmented system of sectoral decision making in order to reduce the existing over regulations with a coordinated and coherent spatial allocation system for marine users.

England MSP Process

Displays the appropriate marine policy documents for all of England’s marine plan areas in an accessible online, quick reference format.


This practice has developed and applied templates to visualise the relationships and dependencies between actors and instruments in Marine Policy.