marine governance

Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 155

Determining the overall effects of human activities on the estuaries, seas and coasts, as a precursor to marine management, requires quantifying three aspects.

Marine Policy, Volume 100

The worlds’ oceans and seas have tremendous potential to contribute to the provision of food, feed, energy and natural resources.


A wide range of knowledge and data are required to inform the process of Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning, to understand the ecological functioning of the marine system, and ensure that plans promote sustainable use of the marine and coastal space

Ocean & Coastal Management

The governance of shared waters involves complex interactions between actors and institutions embedded in different legislative approaches, cultures and administrative procedures.

Maritime Studies

With the concept of marine spatial planning (MSP) firmly established in the UK with its own legislation, policies and plans underway, this paper critically revisits MSP as part of the wider debate associated with the social reconstruction of the m

Ocean and Coastal Management

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) has been heralded as the key means of achieving a more integrated approach to marine use across sectors and spatial scales.

Maritime studies 

Marine spatial planning (MSP) is advanced by its champions as an impartial and rational process that can address complex management issues.


This article elaborates a conceptual framework to examine social sustainability in marine spatial planning (MSP).