MSP-OR Advancing Maritime Spatial Planning in Outermost Regions

To facilitate MSP process and public debate in French Guiana, the MSP-OR project elaborated two maps compiling socio--cultural and environmental stakes and issues inherent to the French Guiana Sea basin.

The aim the GAP project is to promote and enable processes for open and effective participation of stakeholders in research and management.

Pan Baltic Scope

The concept of marine Green Infrastructure (GI) is defined as a spatial network of ecologically valuable areas significant to the maintenance of ecosystems health and resilience, biodiversity conservation, and delivery of ecosystem services essent

Macaronesian Maritime Spatial Planning - MarSP

The document provides detailed maps of the maritime issues in the Macronesia.


INDIMAR system is a web application that integrates relevant and updated information regarding the locations of the most suitable areas for economic activities' development in the maritime space of the Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands.


This case study seeks to explore tools, methods and data to assess environmental effects of maritime uses in the context of MSP and transboundary issues.


The BONUS BALTICAPP project team studies the supply and demand of marine ecosystem services in terms of recreation across the Baltic Sea region, focusing on the next 80-100 years.


The MESH (Mapping European Seabed Habitats) project aimed to promote harmonised production and use of marine habitat maps covering the North Western European seas by adapting and enhancing previous achievements in this area. It involved the collat


In the framework of Protomedea and Marisca projects, a study aiming to map and categorize Fisheries Restricted Areas (FRAs) in the Aegean Sea was conducted. Results of the study were published in Mediterranean Marine Science.


The objective of the AILERON project is to develop a methodology and algorithms to help maritime decision making, when several decision-makers are involved, as well as to propose a software platform, called DESEASION, to support the decision aidin

HARMONY project

This report presents a first attempt to map human activities, pressures and potential cumulative impacts in the eastern parts of the North Sea. The mapping is based on existing data on human activities in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden.