In Malta, the Planning Authority (PA) is the Competent Authority for the MSP Directive and as partner to the MSP-MED project is focused on specific aspects concerning governance in support of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Environmen

Ecological analyses are aimed at characterising the complexity of the structure of natural objects, yet their heterogeneity is hardly described by the Euclidean concepts.

Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 287

Despite the recognized important ecological role that cetaceans play in the marine environment, their protection is still scarcely enforced in the Mediterranean Sea even though this area is strongly threatened by local human pressures and climate

Marine Policy, Volume 131

Marine or maritime spatial planning (MSP) works across borders and sectors to ensure human activities at sea take place in an efficient and sustainable way.

Diversification and intensification of maritime activities can create competition for marine space and can derive stress and environmental pressures.

Macaronesian Maritime Spatial Planning - MarSP

The document provides a comprehensive analysis of the maritime governance institutions and processes in Macaronesia.

UNESCO-IOC Marine Spatial Planning Programme

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO developed a ten-step guide defining the scope and the nature of marine spatial planning. MSP can be a key component to an ecosystem-based management of marine areas and marine resources.


This report presents the outcomes of a workshop led by ICES on risk management in MSP, particularly focussing on a method called ‘Bow-Tie Analysis'.

Netherlands - MSP

The North Sea Atlas contains maps with data about the water system and the use, policy and management of the North Sea. Initially, a limited set of maps was included in the Atlas, but it is being expanded.


This book is a reflection of the spatial-analytical and design aspects of the GAUFRE report “Towards a Spatial Structure Plan for Sustainable Management of the Sea”.

BLAST - Bringing Land and sea together

BLAST - Bringing Land and Sea Together (2009-2012): a regional project for better integration of information across the coastal margin in the North Sea region.


ODEMM developed an approach including a series of resources that can help support decision-makers to implement operational EBM.