Multi-use in ocean space, and seas, entails the co-location of different industries or technologies and their corresponding activities that take place at the same time in a specific location.

The guide is designed for legal drafters in charge of establishing marine spatial planning regulations. It aims to provide methodological support for drafting the MSP legislation.  


This practice researches the overlap between the MSFD and other EU and international laws and agreements. It investigates where do synergies exist and includes the opinions of international experts in the Baltic Sea Region.

Marine Management Organisation

The Statement of Public Participation (SPP) sets out how and when the MMO will engage with stakeholders during the marine planning process.

Seanergy 2020

Aims to assess whether, given, the right policies and legislations are in place to what extent, have countries developed Maritime Spatial Plans, how these are being implemented and enforced and, whether they are being monitored and reviewed.

Seanergy 2020

The study provides an overview of relevant legal and governance barriers to transnational maritime spatial planning.

Seanergy 2020

Examines how and to what extent the legislation in the Member States provide for transboundary MSP and provides recommendations