information dissemination

BlueBRIDGE project

The Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries Knowledge Base service is being developed within the BLUEBRIDGE project (  and it is

Netherlands - MSP

Online portal for access to data on activities in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.


The objectif of this Manual of procedures is to become a reference document for institutions willing to implement – or subscribe to – a Local Information System.

England MSP Process

Displays the appropriate marine policy documents for all of England’s marine plan areas in an accessible online, quick reference format.


A range of reports on stakeholder engagement activities, including reports on the annual coastal forum for Belgium; For Dorset a web-based interactive tool was developed, called "iCoast".


The project contributed to and updated the online coastal atlas for Belgium.


Sharing methodologies and coastal services directly among the public bodies involved in coastal and marine management, is the best way to improve their knowledge and their governance skills.