Spatial Research and Planning

This paper examines practice of MSP and ICZM at the German North Sea coast. It focuses on the engagement of spatial planners with these practices and their perception of their role. 


The Integrated Territorial Investment of the Mar Menor establishes a framework for future governance that will allow the promotion, development and maintenance of the natural heritage and protected areas in the Mar Menor coastal lagoon in sustaina

EC DG Environment Study on “Options for coastal information systems”

One of the main challenges in the implementation of ICZM and MSP is the integration of different sources of knowledge and different typologies of data.

ClimVar & ICZM - Integration of Climatic Variability and Change into National Strategies to Implement the Protocol on ICZM in the Mediterranean

The plan focuses on adaptation to climate change, coastal water management and spatial development.


The aim of the project is the development and implementation of the Constanta Space Technologies Competence Centre Dedicated to the Marine and Coastal Regions Sustainable Development in spatial technologies.


The aim of the practice is to establish a scientific and technological network for the implementation of an integrated informational system.

Baltic Master

MSP needs to take into account coastal planning, ship routing, port development, offshore wind development, transnational infrastructure planning, places of refuge, PSSAs, MPAs and different EU directives.


ARTWEI focuses on transitional waters and aims to strike an operational balance between EU requirements for MSP, WFD and ICZM.