good environmental status

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 145, July 2021, 111119

In this study, we define a novel methodological approach for introducing Offshore Wind Energy (OWE) facilities into sea space, determining the most suitable locations with regard to the five clusters: oceanographic potential; environmental sensibi

Implementation of the second cycle of the MSFD: achieving coherent, coordinated and consistent updates of the determinations of good environmental status, initial assessments and environmental targets

Finnish marine strategy 2016-2021

The Programme of Measures assesses the sufficiency of the current measures to protect the marine environment.


Developed to assist marine policymakers to achieve or maintain GES (Good Environmental Status) of coastal and marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean and Black Sea basins.


Review of methodologies taken from the available MSFD Initial Assessments, in Mediterranean and Black Sea EU countries & selected northern EU countries.


For each of the 11 MSFD descriptors the methodologies used in the IAs and GES draft reports of the European Mediterranean and Black Sea countries are presented, combined with an indicative gap assessment for each descriptor.