This document, produced within the context of the Pharos4MPAs project, aims to explore the ways Marine Protected Areas are affected by recreational fisheries, and provides a set of practical recommendations to avoid or minimise its environmental i

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This document describes the results of the testing and proposing the operational measures for SSF governance and management in any MPAs located in the northern shore of the Mediterranean region.


Marine fish populations are a common natural resource for the Black sea countries. They have been the sector most affected by ecosystem changes in the past decades.

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf science Volume 201 (2018), 105-113

While several scientific studies highlight the strong relation between fisheries and MSP, as well as ways in which fisheries could be included in MSP, the actual integration of fisheries into the planning process often fails.

Marine Policy

The study provides a methodology to define fisheries in the context of MSP using Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) data from fishing vessels to determine fishing efforts and establish ‘Principal’ fishing areas.

The call for proposals aims to fund a project that will focus on the restoration of damaged or degraded Mediterranean coastal and marine ecosystems in zones with a particularly high potential to provide a wide range of marine ecosystem services.

Building on the first call for proposals launched in 2014, this call for proposals aims to further support projects to enable Member States to build up experience in new areas of: (i) regional (in case of biological data) and (ii) EU wide (in case