fisheries management


In the framework of Protomedea and Marisca projects, a study aiming to map and categorize Fisheries Restricted Areas (FRAs) in the Aegean Sea was conducted. Results of the study were published in Mediterranean Marine Science.


In the framework of ECOAST Project the DISPLACE fish and fishery model was applied to the Northern Adriatic Sea, an area characterized by intense and conflicting fishi


The VIBEG agreement is assisting the implementation of the Nature2000 goals in the Nature 2000 areas Vlakte van Raan and North Sea Coastal Zone in The Netherlands. It incorporates the interest of the Dutch fishing industry.


The main goal of this practice is to introduce an evaluation framework applicable to marine management in European countries. 


This case study addresses the integration of the fisheries management into the Maritime Spatial Planning process in the Baltic Sea Region.

This action aims at improving regional implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy and making progress on meeting the objective of maximum sustainable yield. In order to realise these objectives, projects should:


The purpose of this guidance document is to promote the better integration of aquaculture, fisheries and other activities in the coastal zone by the identification and application of appropriate spatial management tools.

Two Brooms

This plan has been prepared to guide the use and development of the coastal zone in the Two Brooms area.


DISPLACE allows contributing to marine spatial planning for evaluating the effects on stocks and fisheries and ultimately incorporating other utilization of the sea such as energy production, transport, recreational use, etc.

Plan Bothnia

The guidance provides a draft plan of the Bothnia Sea. It was developed and discussed jointly by a group of Finnish and Swedish participants. The map is followed by draft recommendations for certain designated issues.

COEXIST Guidance of better integration of Aquaculture, Fisheries, and other Activities in the Coastal Zone

This is a multi-fleet, multispecies, bio-economic simulation and optimisation model to evaluate, management strategies.