Maritime Spatial Planning

This chapter applies commonly used approaches in the evaluation of policies and spatial planning on land to the MSP.

Pan Baltic Scope

The report presents the results of the Pan Baltic Scope project focused on the monitoring and evaluation of MSP. The activity consisted of two parts.

UK - England

A project commissioned by the Marine Management Organisation and published in February 2016 aimed to review the Monitoring and Evaluation framework presented in the MMO’s Eas

UNESCO-IOC Marine Spatial Planning Programme

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO developed a ten-step guide defining the scope and the nature of marine spatial planning. MSP can be a key component to an ecosystem-based management of marine areas and marine resources.

Baltic SCOPE

Depending on the country, maritime spatial planners operate in different contexts and follow different objectives. Therefore, an evaluation framework for MSP has to be flexible, so that it can be adapted to different contexts.


The study provides a design and method for evaluating MSP and its implementation within the context of governance (Sustainability of Governance (SoG)).

Scotland - UK

This report presents the report of the first review of Scotland’s National Marine Plan, for the period of March 2015 to March 2018.It addresses the legislative requirements to review the plan and report to Scottish Ministers, who will determine, b


The objective of the AILERON project is to develop a methodology and algorithms to help maritime decision making, when several decision-makers are involved, as well as to propose a software platform, called DESEASION, to support the decision aidin


The MESMA framework is a stepwise approach to systematically monitor, evaluate and develop spatial management plans in different marine areas.

UK - Scotland - NMP

A short description of how the NMP will be monitored and evaluated in the years following its adoption.


The objectif of this Manual of procedures is to become a reference document for institutions willing to implement – or subscribe to – a Local Information System.

Paving the Road to MSP in the Mediterranean: MSP MED - Greece

This UNEP-MAP PAP-RAC funded pilot project aimed to apply MSP approach and ICZM principles to the region of Ionian Islands in Greece.