ecosystem-based management

Marine Policy, Volume 140

Ocean planning and management is often tasked with balancing multiple policy priorities, such as the growth of ocean-related sectors, conserving ecosystem health and biodiversity, and considerations of equity and inclusivity.

Marine Policy - Volume 136

Ocean decision-makers are tasked with balancing social, economic, and environmental considerations when addressing complex policy challenges and achieving strategic objectives, such as conservation targets, or sustainable and ocean-based economic

Coastal Management

Marine spatial planning (MSP) is currently practiced by almost half of the world’s nations. While some countries are working on their second, third or fourth round of MSP, many are going through their first round of marine spatial planning.

Marine Policy, Volume 127

Marine/maritime spatial planning (MSP) is a process to optimise marine space allocation to various activities and the environment by avoiding negative interactions, improving synergies, thereby helping the advance towards a sustainable ocean econo

Ocean & Coastal Management Volume 209

The implementation of marine spatial plans as required by the Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) of the European Union (EU) poses novel demands for the development of decision support tools (DST).


This paper has been developed within the context of the SIMAtlantic project that aims to support the establishment and implementation of Maritime Spatial Plans in line with MSP Directive requirements.


Human pressures on marine ecosystems significantly increased during last decades. Among the intense anthropic activities, industrial fisheries have caused the alteration of habitats, the reduction of biodiversity and the main fish stocks.


We report the developments and results of the ECOMAR project, which have taken place 2018-2020 and was funded by THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS.

Although stakeholder participation is transversal to other steps of the Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) process, its recognition and adoption is context dependent.

Claims for ocean space are growing while marine ecosystems suffer from centuries of insufficient care.

Ocean and Coastal Management

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) has been heralded as the key means of achieving a more integrated approach to marine use across sectors and spatial scales.

Maritime Studies

Ecosystem-based management, spatial orientation, a multilevel policy framework and integration have all been identified as essential components for effective marine spatial planning (MSP).