Ecosystem approach

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 145, July 2021, 111119

In this study, we define a novel methodological approach for introducing Offshore Wind Energy (OWE) facilities into sea space, determining the most suitable locations with regard to the five clusters: oceanographic potential; environmental sensibi

Marine Policy

Marine Planning seems to offer promise to integrate oceans governance with a prospective approach to sustainability, most distinctively through the process of creating a spatial strategy contained in a marine plan, hence ‘marine spatial planning’.


The technical report is developed within the PLASMAR project and represents one of its final outputs.

Maritime Studies, 19, 241-254 (2020)

This study posit that the relational materiality of the ocean lends itself to the socio-legal construction of marine spaces as ‘common’, i.e.

UNESCO-IOC Marine Spatial Planning Programme

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO developed a ten-step guide defining the scope and the nature of marine spatial planning. MSP can be a key component to an ecosystem-based management of marine areas and marine resources.


This report was developed by the EU Horizon 2020 project AquaSpace to describe a targeted review of tools and methods that can be used for the spatial allocation of aquaculture activities in terms of environmental and economic costs (e.g.


This report synthesises the process, results and main outcomes obtained through the AquaSpace project, which aims to optimise and increase the available area for aquaculture, in both marine and freshwater environments, by supporting implementation


The AquaSpace tool was developed within the EU Horizon 2020 project AquaSpace in order to achieve an effective implementation of MSP for aquaculture by adopting an Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture (EAA).

Baltic SCOPE

This practice description presents the application of the ecosystem-based approach in the first Latvian Maritime Spatial Plan.

Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment

In 2015 an update has been made of the integrated management plan for the Barents Sea – Lofoten area. The plan in place, developed in 2006, already had some updates during the years, integrating new research findings and stakeholder input.

Swedish MSP process

Symphony is a model-based tool developed to support the implementation of ecosystem based maritime spatial planning.