This report is a deliverable from the MSP-MED project.

In support of the implementation of the Green Deal and the biodiversity strategy, successful proposals will contribute to all following expected outcomes notably to better understand biodiversity decline, its main direct drivers and their interrel

HARMONY project

This report presents a first attempt to map human activities, pressures and potential cumulative impacts in the eastern parts of the North Sea. The mapping is based on existing data on human activities in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Angel Borja, Michael Elliott, María C. Uyarra, Jacob Carstensen and Marianna Mea

This book provides a 2017 update on scientific findings regarding implementing the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), and its aim of achieving good environmental status in all European seas by 2020.

Plan Ribera (2014) – Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment of Spain

The State Plan for the Protection of the Sea Shore against Pollution (Plan Ribera) includes aspects such as an atlas of sensitivity of the Spanish coast and an analysis of vulnerability and risk, as well as the logistical and management capacities necessary to deal with an episode of pollution of significant size and intensity.


The objective of EBMS was to facilitate the implementation of the environmental management with the values of the management by ecosystem giving a better implementation of this strategy of the United Nations.

Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda of Spain

The study contributes to the design of potential projects of marine wind farms. There is a variety of effects and conflicts related to the location of these of these wind farms and the involvement and coordination of the different administrations and stakeholders concerned.

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment of Spain

The general objectives of the Strategy are to increase the resilience of the Spanish coast to climate change and climate variability, and to integrate adaptation to climate change in the planning and management of the Spanish coast.

University of Sevilla - Spain

The MARINEPLAN site responds to the phenomenon of the international extension of new maritime policies and planning initiatives.

The aim is to support the establishment and implementation of MSPs in line with the EU Directive on MSP, including capacity building and support in establishing cooperation mechanisms.


Workshop demonstrating how HELCOM/VASAB, OSPAR and ICES can contribute and cooperate to the further development of the process of ecosystem-based MSP.