This report has been developed within the context of the SIMAtlantic project that aims to support the establishment and implementation of Maritime Spatial Plans in line with MSP Directive requirements.


Due to the present and future demand for marine resources and space, human activities in the marine environment are expected to increase, which will generate higher pressures on marine ecosystems, as well as competition and conflicts among marine

Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

The characterization of the seafloor is a fundamental first step in informing resource management, marine spatial planning, conservation, fisheries, industry and research.


The tool was developed within the framework of the BalticRIM project that brings together those respsonsible for maritime cultural heritage (MCH) and Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) from seven countries around the Baltic Sea, including the Russian


As part of the BalticRIM WP2 on MSP-related mapping of maritime cultural heritage, this internal status report provides information on the methodology and obstacles relating to the task 2.3 on schematisation of Cultural Heritage assets.


The document provides recommendations for structuring the datasets for Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) based on scientific literature, reports of MSP projects conducted in the Baltic Sea region (BSR), documents prepared by the HELCOM-VASAB Maritime

Marine Institute EMFF 2014 - 2020

The web application provides free access to the fisheries data with the focus on biological parameters.

Environmental Science and Policy, 106 (2020), 125-135  

The study proposes a new approach to Cumulative Effect Assessment (CEA), using the best data available.

JNCC (Joint Nature Conservation Committee)

The map represents an interactive resource containing information on 355 Marine Protected Areas (MPA) designated in the UK and Crown Dependency waters.

SEO Bird Life

Mapping bird sensitivity to marine oil pollution.

The Marine Information and Data Centre serves as a platform where interested parties, professionals and government authorities can find information.