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As part of the BaltSeaPlan Project, a nine-step process was used to develop a pilot maritime spatial plan for the Pomeranian Bight and Arkona Basin through an informal exercise.

Baltic SCOPE

This report provides the summary of recommendations for cross-border MSP developed in the context of the Baltic SCOPE project.

Baltic SCOPE

The report presents the methods used, data gathered and conclusions drawn from MSP work conducted in the Central Baltic Sea area as part of the Baltic SCOPE project.

Baltic SCOPE

A matrix of interests was developed as part of this BalticSCOPE case study to map both present and potential future national sectoral interests in the case study transboundary focal areas.

The objective is to increase the levels of development and socio-economic integration of the three archipelagos promoting a strategy based on the promotion of the society of knowledge, sustainable ...

The program promotes actions enhancing the potential of the blue economy and generating sustainable growth and new jobs in maritime sectors.


In this study, the distribution of benthic microalgae and invertebrates was mapped using a combination of diving, remote underwater video and airborne remote sensing in a brackish water habitat.


The HELCOM-VASAB Working Group agreed on principles for transboundary consultation within specific MSP processes as well as transboundary pan-Baltic cooperation in more general terms.