Climate change

This topic is part of the call “Actions for the implementation of the Mission Restore our ocean and waters by 2030”, part of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON).


Global Change Biology

Marine spatial planning that addresses ocean climate-driven change (‘climate-smart MSP’ is a global aspiration to support economic growth, food security and ecosystem sustainability.

Policy of use and management

The seascape of the North Sea has always been dynamic; it is the sea that is used by shipping and fishing nations for centuries. It is a rather shallow sea, with sand banks and only a few areas with hard substrates.

ICES Journal of Marine Science

Integrative and spatialized tools for studying the effects of a wide variety of ecosystem drivers are needed to implement ecosystem-based management and marine spatial planning.

MDPI - Sustainability - Special Issue: Frontiers of Maritime Spatial Planning and Management

In early 2021, the Erasmus+ knowledge flows partnership organised a session to discuss the future of marine spatial planning (MSP) at an international conference.

MSP Global - Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO)

The coast forms a dynamic, interface zone where the realms of land and sea meet. It is characterised by some of the world’s most sensitive ecosystems, such as mangroves, wetlands, coral reefs, dunes and beaches.

EASME wishes to enter into a service contract to assess the potential of algae to contribute to the EU’s climate, food and biodiversity strategies under the 2019 EU Green Deal proposal resetting the Commission's commitment to achieving zero emissi


ATLAS is testing a generic Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) framework1 developed by the FP7 MESMA (Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas) project to assess spati

Citizen science is a powerful tool for climate action, sustainable development and environmental protection through civic engagement.

Land–sea interaction dynamics are physiologically regulated by an exchange of matter (and energy) between the anthropic system and the natural environment.

Nature Sustainability 

The acceleration of global warming and increased vulnerability of marine social-ecological systems affect the benefits provided by the ocean.

Instituto de hidráulica ambiental - Universidad de Cantabria 

The IH-MSP Platform is the GIS platform which facilitates the implementation of maritime spatial planning in Spain. It focuses on the spatial potentials of offshore aquaculture and wind energy.