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Maritime Studies (2022)

Coastal and maritime cultural heritage (CMCH) is a relative newcomer on spatial development policy agendas and in spatial planning activities.

Marine Policy, Volume 129

In the last four decades there has been a significant increase in experiences to implement marine spatial planning and the interest of the scientific community in evaluating the impacts of these policies.


As part of the MUSES “Multi-Use in European Seas” project, 10 case study areas in the Atlantic, North, Baltic and Mediterranean Sea were identified to assess potential synergies and challenges for sixteen most promising multi-uses (MU) combination


The AquaSpace deliverable “Case study final reports” provides a detailed overview of the 17 case studies developed by the project to test tools and strategies for the sustainable development and spatial allocation of aquaculture in a variety of en


This case study addresses the integration of the fisheries management into the Maritime Spatial Planning process in the Baltic Sea Region.


The project designed a process for cross-border MSP and developed a concept for monitoring and evaluation.