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Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership

Available Funding:
450 million euros over 7 years

The European Commission’s Research & Innovation Framework Programme Horizon Europe, has launched its first Joint transnational call entitled « The way forward: a thriving sustainable blue economy for a brighter future ». This Horizon Europe co-funded partnership gathers a network of 60 Partner institutions from 25 countries and the European Commission, engaging with relevant initiatives at  sea basin level and the Atlantic Ocean. Over the next 7 years, 450 million euros will be invested in five intervention areas, of which two are especially relevant for Maritime Spatial Planning:

  • Intervention Area 2 on Blue generation marine structures focusing on developing multi-use structures
  • Intervention Area 3 on Planning and managing sea-uses supporting the development of tools and approaches of artificial intelligence-based MSP.


Eligible Applicants:

To be eligible, research consortia must include partners from a minimum of three independent legal entities from three different countries participating in the call. Self-funded partners including partners from countries (and/or regions) not participating in this Co-funded call are allowed but do not contribute to the minimum eligible consortium size. Stakeholder engagement as partners or self-funded partners is encouraged (according to national/regional regulations) to enhance innovation, policy, and societal relevance and ultimately the impact of the projects.

For more Information:

Further information on how to engage in the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership and the intervention areas can be found here.