Operational Programme for Large Infrastructure (POIM)

Available Funding: 
Funding available amounts to €11.8 billion of which: €6.94 billion Cohesion Fund. €2.48 billion Regional Development Fund. €2.46 billion Co-financing

The Operational Programme for Large Infrastructure (POIM) was elaborated to meet Romania’s needs for development identified in the 2014-2020 Partnership Agreement and in full compliance with the Common Strategic Framework and the Position Document of the European Commission’s services. The POIM strategy is oriented towards the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, strongly correlated with the National Programme for Reformation and the Specific Country Recommendations, focusing on sustainable growth by promoting a low carbon consuming economy by applying energy efficiency measures and promoting green energy, as well as environmentally friendly transportation means and an efficient use of resources.

POIM finances activities in four sectors: transportation infrastructure, environmental protection, risk management and adaptation to climate change, energy and energy efficiency, thus contributing to the EU strategy for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Further Financing Information: 

There are 8 Priority Axes with assigned available funding for each:

Priority Axis 1 - Improving mobility by developing the TEN-T and subway network

Assigned amount - €3,404,255,320.00

Priority Axis 2 - Developing a multimodal, quality, sustainable and efficient transportation system

Assigned amount - €1,702,734,954.00

Priority Axis 3 - Developing the environmental infrastructure under efficient resource management conditions

Assigned amount - €2,892,443,785.00

Priority Axis 4 - Environmental protection by biodiversity conservation measures, air quality monitoring and decontamination of historically polluted sites

Assigned amount - €425,531,915.00

Priority Axis 5 - Promoting adaptation to climate change, risk prevention and management

Assigned amount - €478,723,404.00

Priority Axis 6 - Promoting clean energy and energy efficiency aiming at supporting a low carbon economy

Assigned amount - €197,329,787.00

Priority Axis 7 - Increasing energy efficiency of the centralized heating system in selected towns

Assigned amount  - €249,478,723.00

Priority Axis 8 - Smart and sustainable electricity and natural gas transportation systems

Assigned amount  - €68,026,596.00


For more Information: 

For further information please see the website or see this calendar for submission deadlines.

The Management Authority for the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme can be contacted via:

Address: Tower Center, 15-17 Mihalache Blvd., Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

Tel:  004 0372 838 781

Fax: 0040 0372 838 502

E-mail: contact.minister@fonduri-ue.ro

Website: www.fonduri-ue.ro