Mission Ocean, Seas and Waters Implementation Support Platform – Overall Mission Coordination and Monitoring; European Blue Parks Technical Assistance; Citizen Engagement; Communication

Available Funding: 
5340000.00 EUR

The subject of this call for tenders is the Mission Implementation Support Platform (hereafter termed “Mission Implementation Platform”), including a Blue Parks Community support service for the European Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030’.

Objectives (General and Specific):
CINEA wishes to enter into a service contract for the following services:

1. Mission Implementation Platform that will assist the contracting authority and the European Commission (in particular the Mission Manager, deputy Mission Manager and the Mission secretariat with the overall implementation of the Mission ‘Restore our ocean and waters by 2030’3.

The Mission Implementation Platform will provide a one-stop-shop to assist the contracting authority and the European Commission with the implementation of the Mission, including knowledge, science to policy advice, financial advice and technical assistance, assist in capacity building, support outreach, scale up and dissemination of information, knowledge and innovations at all levels. The Mission Implementation Platform will also provide access to knowledge to all citizens, as well as support and technical assistance to Mission Partners that implement the Mission4.
Specific objectives of the Mission Implementation Platform are as follows:

  • Monitoring, progress tracking and reporting of the Mission implementation: set up and ensure the functioning of the Mission implementation monitoring and reporting framework, to track progress towards the achievement of Mission’s objectives, integrate in it the monitoring and reporting from different Mission activities, in particular from the Mission lighthouses, cooperate and coordinate with the lighthouse coordination and support actions/platforms5 and report and liaise with the contracting authority and the European Commission (in particular with the Mission manager, deputy Mission manager and Mission secretariat);
  • Integration of other actions and activities in the Mission: Develop visualisations of the Mission activities (e.g. interactive maps, databases, communication products), in cooperation with the lighthouse coordination and support actions/platforms;
  • Coordination and integration of actions and activities across Mission lighthouses: foster activities and actions across Mission lighthouses and enhance synergy with all Mission actions and activities across Mission lighthouses, in cooperation with the lighthouse coordination and support actions/platforms and under the supervision of the contracting authority, Mission managers and Mission secretariat;
  • Creation of information portal providing access to information on finance and investment for Mission community: The set-up of an online portal providing information about and linking to finance and investment opportunities, instruments related to the Mission objectives, and publicising matchmaking activities of other Mission projects, with a direct link with the official EC Mission website
  • Creation of knowledge management portal to facilitate access to innovative solutions to restore our oceans and waters: The contractor should set up a long-term publicly available online knowledge sharing portal for the duration of the contract.. The portal should act as a one-stop-shop to make publicly available innovative solutions and best practices for the restoration of the ocean and waters as well as key exploitable results from the Horizon Europe Mission projects and other relevant EU programmes (including EMFAF, LIFE, Interreg).
  • Mobilisation and engagement of citizens and stakeholders; Provision of outreach and dissemination about Mission activities and actions, promotion of Mission among citizens and stakeholders and technical support to entities implementing Mission projects; Provision of assistance to the European Commission, for the organisation of an Annual Mission Forum from 2024 onwards – the headline event for the Mission bringing together Member States, regions and key stakeholders from all lighthouse areas. The event should help to build a Mission community of practice, support the networking, showcasing and dissemination of best practice solutions, and create political momentum for the implementation of the Mission. The platform should provide conference support (logistics, registration, website and communication, invitations, technical support) and set up inside the platform, an online space for networking and exchange.

2. European Blue Parks Community support service

  • Specific objectives of the European Blue Parks Community support service are as follows: Creation of the Blue Parks community; The Blue Parks community will comprise all entities implementing the Mission Blue Parks R&I projects launched under the Mission Horizon Europe Work programmes 2021-2022, under future Mission Horizon Europe Work Programmes adopted subsequently. In this sense, it will comprise key stakeholders, local and regional communities, policy makers and regulators, marine spatial planners and other relevant actors and citizens. Advice on and support for building of a community of engaged and sustainable investors and socio-economic actors benefiting from ecosystem services of marine protected areas while fostering a pipeline of conservation investment opportunities;
  • Support to networking and knowledge transfer between communities, projects and areas education activities support, outreach, citizen mobilisation and engagement;
  • Monitoring of the implementation of marine protected/strictly protected areas by defining specific indicators (e.g. increase protection %, increase area Km2, number of governance active management measures, decrease in knowledge gaps items, new data methodologies; application of Marine Spatial Planning,...) in close collaboration with the relevant policy areas (DG ENV, MARE); The Blue Parks Community support service will be hosted under the umbrella and within the single portal of the Mission Implementation Platform.
Eligible Applicants: 

Participation in this call for tenders is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons coming within the scope of the Treaties, as well as to international organisations.

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Project Length: 

The contract resulting from the award of this call for tenders will be concluded for at most 48 months.

Further Financing Information: 

The estimated maximum amount for the execution of all the tasks referred to in this call for tenders is EUR 5,340,000 (five million three hundred and forty thousand), including all charges and expenses and excluding any renewals.

For more Information: 

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