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MarTERA Call 2021


Calls for Proposals


Friday, 26 March 2021
Available Funding:

MarTERA has launched a fourth joint call for transnational research and innovation projects on 2021-01-04. This call is initiated by ministries/funding organisations from 9 countries: Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Malta, Norway, Poland, Romania, South Africa and Turkey. The total funding budget is EUR 8.5 million.

The call will cover the following priority areas:

  • Priority Area 1: Environmentally friendly maritime technologies;
  • Priority Area 2: Innovative concepts for ships and offshore structures;
  • Priority Area 3: Automation, sensors, monitoring and observations;
  • Priority Area 4: Advanced manufacturing and production;
  • Priority Area 5: Safety and security.

Applicants from the above mentioned countries are eligible for funding and applicants from other countries are eligible in case they fund their own involvement.

The Call 2021 is implemented as a two-step procedure (a pre-proposal and a full-proposal step). The deadline for the submission of pre-proposals via the online platform is 2021-03-26.

Eligible Applicants:
  • Project consortia consisting of at least two independent eligible legal entities from at least two different European Member States or associated countries as listed in section 3.2 (Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Malta, Norway, Poland, Romania, South Africa and Turkey) can apply for funding. Legal entities from Belarus and South Africa are eligible for funding but consortia with Belarussian or South African partners must in addition have at least two independent eligible legal entities from at least two different European Member States or associated countries as listed in section 3.2.
  • The project proposals must involve industry partners. Depending on the national funding rules, not all types of entities are eligible in all countries/regions. The eligibility of each partner in a consortium should be assessed by checking the Matrix of Priority Areas and by contacting the National Programme Manager(s) (NPMs).
  • The proposals should be balanced regarding work, budgets and national/regional origin of the involved partners.
  • One entity has to act as coordinator of the consortium and is responsible for the submission of the proposal.
  • There is no upper limit for the consortium size. Consortia may consist of as many partners as necessary to achieve the project objectives. Moreover, there is no upper limit for the number of partners from one country/region, unless stated otherwise in the National Guidelines.
  • Entities that are not eligible for funding, including entities from countries not participating in this call may participate at their own expense or with their own separate source of funding. This must be confirmed by a letter of intent/commitment to be submitted together with the pre- and full proposals via the coordinator of the project. Generally, the rules and prerequisites stated in this Call Announcement apply. However, entities not eligible for funding are not allowed to coordinate a project and their contribution to the project objectives must not be crucial. They are not considered in the assessment of the requirements for consortium composition stated above.
  • The eligibility of each applicant with respect to the national criteria stated in the National Guidelines of the country/region must be checked prior to submission of a pre-proposal or full proposal.
Project Length:
  • The maximum project duration is three years (36 months). 
  • The earliest possible starting date for projects will be fixed at the beginning of the contract negotiations with the national funding organisations. 
  • Additional national/regional regulations on starting and ending dates and permitted project duration may apply. Please check the National Guidelines and contact your NPM(s).
Further Financing Information:

National/regional programme specific rules apply. Please check the National Guidelines and contact your NPM(s) to receive detailed information on budgetary criteria.

  • The indicated costs for each project must be in accordance with the project objectives. Possible national/regional budgetary criteria, including potential restrictions such as lower and upper budget limitations, are stated in the National Guidelines and must be considered.
  • The total amount of funding requested from a national funding organisation in a proposal must not exceed the total available budget of this organisation as listed in section 3.2.
  • Project costs should be balanced with respect to the partners and countries/regions
For more Information:

For more information please access the MarTERA webpage here.