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Interreg Central Baltic 5th Call

Countries notes:

Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden


Calls for Proposals


Tuesday, 15 October 2019
Available Funding:

For this call all Specific Objectives (SOs) are open for applications. In total, at least 12m euros are available in four priorities. The exact amount of available funding will be influenced by returning funds from implementing projects. The ERDF support rate for partners from Estonia and Latvia is 85% and for partners from Finland and Sweden is 75%. However, take into account that the overall ERDF support on project level is limited to 81%.


  • One-step call, eMS open for applications 15.8.-15.10.2019
  • JS assessment from October to December 2019​
  • Funding decisions January 2020
  • Projects can start on 1st of February 2020
  • Projects can continue implementation until 31 December 2022.

The application process in the 5th call is done in 1-step for both small and regular projects. This means that the applicant is expected to fill in the full application, including budget, in the eMS immediately. A Project Applicant Seminar will take place on 11. June 2019 in Riga.

Specific objective 2.2.
Sustainably planned and managed marine and coastal areas
This SO aims at addressing joint challenges and issues related to maritime spatial planning of exclusive economic zones of territorial waters and integrated coastal zone management.
This objective aims at fostering cooperation, mediate and find the balance between different sectors that have different interests using marine and coastal resources, e.g. agriculture and nature conservation, tourism and coastal protection, shipping and fisheries. It should lead to sustainable use of the fragile resources of the Baltic Sea and its coastal areas.

Eligible Applicants:

A project partner can be a public authority (national, regional and local) as well as a body governed by public or private law. Only large companies are excluded from acting as partners. The detailed descriptions of partner eligibility can be found in the Programme Manual. The minimum number of partners in a project is two and they must be from two programme area countries.

The programme supports only projects with partners (meaning lead partner and project partner) from at least two of the Member States. Therefore, in the case of involving partners from the Åland islands, there has to be at least one partner from Estonia, Latvia or Sweden in the project. Projects between only Åland islands and mainland Finland aren’t possible.

Project Length:

No set limit, but typically 2-3 years.

For more Information: