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European Commission Call for proposals on MSP

Countries notes:

Countries bordering the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Black Sea & the Outermost Regions (i.e. Caribbean – Amazonia: Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Martinique, & French Guyana; Macronesia: Canary Islands, Madeira & Azores; Indian Ocean: La Réunion & Mayotte


Calls for Proposals


Friday, 28 April 2017
Available Funding:

The call for proposals aims to support the establishment and implementation of Maritime Spatial Plans in line with the EU Directive on MSP. This includes supporting concrete actions in Member States and providing support for the establishment of lasting mechanisms for cross-border cooperation on MSP.

According to the call for proposals, projects must include the following activities:

  • Support the work of competent authorities and/or inter-ministerial bodies in charge of developing and implementing maritime spatial plans;
  • Use a scenario-based method which should allow identifying and evaluating future potential uses, needs and maritime spatial development options. Such work should feed the establishment of maritime spatial plans;
  • Support the coherent application of an ecosystem-based approach and the integration of land-sea interactions;
  • Ensure an effective engagement with and participation of stakeholders in the design and implementation of MSP processes;
  • Develop, review and/or implement a monitoring and evaluation framework designed to ensure effective and sustainable use of maritime spaces;
  • Make use of the best available data and information by encouraging sharing of information.
Eligible Applicants:

Applicants must be legal entities, which is specified in the call for proposals, as:

  • Competent authorities in charge of maritime spatial planning of those coastal EU Member States or Outermost regions' authorities which are responsible for MSP in the selected area;
  • International, regional or intergovernmental organisations and their members, including relevant regional sea conventions (RSC) (e.g. HELCOM, VASAB, Black Sea Economic Cooperation, North Sea Commission, others) and their members;
  • Other public entities shall be considered eligible applicants provided that they are endorsed by Competent Authorities

Applicants must come from at least two Member States bordering the targeted area. Applicants from Outermost Regions that do not border EU Member States are excepted from this.

Project Length:

Projects shall not exceed the duration of 24 months.

Further Financing Information:

According to the call for proposals, the total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects is €5,960,000. This budget might be increased by maximum 20%.

It is estimated that proposals requesting a contribution between €500,000 and €2,000,000 would allow the objectives of this call for proposals to be addressed appropriately. This does not prevent submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts. Within the available budget, the EASME will select for funding at least the highest ranked proposal in each of the eligible geographical areas. The EASME expects to fund 4 to 6 proposals.

For more Information:

For more information regarding the procedure do not hesitate to read the call for proposal along with its annexes.

All questions related to the call may be sent by e-mail to: (EASME-EMFF-calls[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu), indicating as subject title the call reference "EASME/EMFF/2016/ - Maritime Spatial Planning".