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European Blue Parks – Protection and restoration of marine habitats

Available Funding:
€ 8,800,000

This topic is part of the call “Actions for the implementation of the Mission Restore our ocean and waters by 2030”, part of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON).


The Mission ‘Restore our ocean and waters by 2030’ will provide a systemic approach for the restoration, protection and preservation of our ocean, seas and waters. The objective of this Mission is to restore, protect and preserve the health of our ocean, seas and waters by 2030.


Proposals under this topic should contribute to the Mission Objective 1 - Protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity, and especially demonstrate solutions against the degradation of ecosystems and improve the management of marine protected areas by defining clear science-based conservation objectives, including passive restoration actions. A scalability plan as well as up-scaled approaches should be proposed at European level and beyond. The Mission Ocean includes citizen engagement as a pillar concept and as such it should be integrated in the proposal, as well as national and local coastal communities and authorities.

Proposals are also expected to contribute to the Birds, Habitats and Marine Strategy Framework Directives and EU policies related to Natura 2000 and Marine Protected Area.

Eligible Applicants:

Eligibility conditions are described in Annex B of the Work Programme General Annexes.

For more Information:

For more Information, please consult the funding details on the European Commission portal here