ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2014-2020

Available Funding: 
The overall indicative amount of ENI funds for the two thematic objectives for the first call is 19,655,625.60 EUR

The 1st call for proposals is open for the project proposals contributing to all Programme thematic objectives and priorities:

  • Promote business and entrepreneurship within the Black Sea Basin

    • Priority 1.1: Jointly promote business and entrepreneurship in the tourism and cultural sectors
    • Priority 1.2 Increase cross-border trade opportunities and modernisation in the agricultural and connected sectors
  • Promote coordination of environmental protection and joint reduction of marine litter in the Black Sea Basin

    • Priority 2.1 Improve joint environmental monitoring
    • Priority 2.2 Promote common awareness-raising and joint actions to reduce river and marine litter.

Projects must fall within one of the following categories:

  • Integrated projects where each beneficiary implements a part of the activities of the project on its own territory;
  • Symmetrical projects where similar activities are implemented in parallel in the participating countries;
  • Single-country projects where projects are implemented mainly or entirely in one of the participating countries but for the benefit of all or some of the participating countries and where cross-border impacts and benefits are identified.
Eligible Applicants: 

In order to be eligible for a grant, Lead Partners and Project Partners must be:

A) regional, local or, if necessary for the project purpose, national public authority; e.g.: regional/county council, local council, municipality, ministry (if necessary);
B) bodies governed by public law - means bodies that have all of the following characteristics:

(b.1) they are established for the specific purpose of meeting needs in the general interest, not having an industrial or commercial character;
(b.2) they have legal personality; and
(b.3) they are financed, for the most part, by the State, regional or local authorities, or by other bodies governed by public law; or are subject to management supervision by those authorities or bodies; or have an administrative, managerial or supervisory board, more than half of whose members are appointed by the State, regional or local authorities, or by other bodies governed by public law;

E.g.: state/regional owned institute, universities and educational institutions, tourism and regional development agencies, cultural and archaeological associations/institutions, nature parks and protected areas management bodies, research institutes, etc.;

C) non-profit organizations; E.g.: associations, unions, foundations, private universities if their legal status is of a non-profit organization, Local Action Groups in the fields of agriculture/rural development, fisheries and aquaculture, Euro regions, European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation

Applicants should be a legal entity effectively established (registered and located) in the eligible area of the programme:

  • Armenia (all regions),
  • Bulgaria (NUTS II regions of Severoiztochen and Yugoiztochen),
  • Greece (NUTS II regions of Kentriki Makedonia and Anatoliki Makedonia – Thraki),
  • Georgia (all regions),
  • Republic of Moldova (all regions )
  • Romania (NUTS II region of South-East),
  • Turkey (NUTS II equivalent regions of TR10 (İstanbul), TR21 (Tekirdağ, Edirne, Kırklareli), TR42 (Kocaeli, Sakarya, Düzce, Bolu, Yalova), TR81 (Zonguldak, Karabük, Bartın), TR82 (Kastamonu, Çankırı, Sinop), TR83 (Samsun, Tokat, Çorum, Amasya) and TR90 (Trabzon, Ordu, Giresun, Rize, Artvin, Gümüşhane),
  • Ukraine (Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporosh’ye and Donetsk Oblasts, Crimea Republic, Sevastopol).
Project Length: 

The project duration should be defined in months: minimum 18 months and maximum 30 months.

The deadline for submission of applications is 31st of May 2017, 23:59 GMT+2

Further Financing Information: 

Any grant awarded under the Call for Proposals for the implementation of a Project must fall between the following minimum and maximum amounts:

Priority Minimum amount (EUR) Maximum amount (EUR)


Priority 1.1

500.000,00 1.500.000,00
Priority 1.2 300.000,00 700.000,00
Priority 2.1


Priority 2.2 300.000,00 1.000.000,00


The ENI grant shall be maximum 92% of the total eligible costs of the Project (per each Lead/Project partner).

The rate of national co-financing shall be at least 8% of the total eligible costs of the Project, calculated per Lead/Project partner budgets in the project.

The CBC Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2014-2020 is funded through the European Neighbourhood Instrument.

For more Information: 

The call for proposals along with all annexes can be found here. The documentation is available in English.

The title reference for the call for proposals is “1st call for project proposals of the ENI CBC “Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2014-2020”.

Applicants have to complete and submit the respective Application(s) electronically via the electronic monitoring system of the programme (eMS) which can be accessed under the following link: http://ems-bs.mdrap.ro.

The Managing Authority for this programme is the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds, Romania.