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Cross-basin topic - Innovative nature-inclusive concepts to reconcile offshore renewables with ocean protection.

Available Funding:
€ 4 500 001

This topic is part of the call “Actions for the implementation of the Mission Restore our ocean and waters by 2030”, part of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON).


The Mission ‘Restore our ocean and waters by 2030’ will provide a systemic approach for the restoration, protection and preservation of our ocean, seas and waters. The objective of this Mission is to restore, protect and preserve the health of our ocean, seas and waters by 2030.


Proposals under this topic should contribute to the Mission objective 3 – Sustainable, carbon-neutral and circular blue economy and are expected to identify existing related approaches and concepts, focus on multidisciplinary approaches and address innovative concepts, technologies and solutions, in a life-cycle perspective. Recommendations on long-term monitoring of the impacts are expected as well as biodiversity and ecosystem impact and risk assessment. The proposal should contribute to the development of standards and good practices to support decision making and planning processes.

Eligible Applicants:

Eligibility conditions are described in Annex B of the Work Programme General Annexes.

For more Information:

For more Information, please consult the funding details on the European Commission portal here