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MSP for Blue Growth

Main issues

Both traditional as well as emerging maritime sectors are continuously driven by innovation and show substantial potential to create new jobs and added value. Blue Growth is the long term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors as a whole. Seas and oceans are drivers for the European economy and have great potential for innovation and growth. It is the maritime contribution to achieving the goals of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

MSP can facilitate the development of these Blue Growth sectors in a context of increasing competition for space and limited ecosystem resources. MSPs are also seen as a tool to increase the stability, transparency and predictability of the investment climate where they are implemented. But it is also a tool to identify and give the suitable room to new and changing spatial uses. In that sense MSP functions as a tool to foster regional development by showing the economic potential of the sea.

The MSP process as such is an important driver to induce a more systematic approach towards generating and using marine knowledge as well as facilitating stakeholder communication and cross-sector integration by not only reducing conflicts but also creating synergies.

The extending of spatial planning (as used on land, also referred to as physical planning) to the marine domain – this is, in short, the meaning of what has been translated as maritime spatial planning - represents a key instrument for Blue Growth and can contribute to the aim of giving a boost to economic growth on the basis of a new maritime paradigm founded in innovation, competitiveness and knowledge.  

Nonetheless, the relation between MSP and Blue Growth is multi-faceted and not yet fully explored. In this context, the 2018 study on MSP for Blue Growth gives information on how MSP can assist Member States to foster the potential for sustainable Blue Growth. It provides practical guidance to Member States and draws conclusions that were reinforced by the Conference MSP for Blue Growth, organised in October 2017 in the context of the MSP Assistance Mechanism.

Please note that this section of the EU MSP Platform website is not currently being updated with new information. However, the resources throughout our website remain relevant to our mission of sharing knowledge and experiences on MSP in the EU.

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