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Land-Sea interactions in MSP

Main issues

Most development and activities taking place in the marine environment also have an onshore component or implication. Alignment between marine and terrestrial planning is important and should be achieved through consistency of policy guidance, plans and decisions. In some Member States, MSPs are – by principle - integrated in territorial spatial planning as they form part of the general land use plans (i.e. Lithuanian Master Plan / German Federal Plan of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

The EU MSP Platform organized a conference on this topic for the European Commission in June 2017. National experts and MSP practitioners exchanged experiences and knowledge during three interactive sessions focusing on key LSI issues in specific countries / contexts, strengths and weaknesses of sub-national approaches to LSI and the LSI issues faced by participants. All documents from the conference, including the conference briefing paper, summary report, and presentations, can be found on the event page. 

The Directorate General for Environment has published a study in 2017 titled 'Land-Sea Interactions in Maritime Spatial Planning', which explores the relationship between the Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning and LSI, as well as the relationship between LSI and Integrated Coastal Zone Management. The report describes the LSI of eight of the most typical marine development sectors, along with the key messages and issues to be considered in the MSP process. The report is available for download here.

Further exploration of the topic is the subject of the currently ongoing ESPON project on MSP and LSI.

Please note that this section of the EU MSP Platform website is not currently being updated with new information. However, the resources throughout our website remain relevant to our mission of sharing knowledge and experiences on MSP in the EU.

Frequently Asked Questions

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