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Workshop 5: Politics and Regulations affecting Multi-use

Faculty of Law and Criminology – Ghent University , room in Paddenhoek 1 (2nd floor), Ghent, Belgium

The legal and insurance experiences of MU of the UNITED pilots will be shared and discussed with the aim to contribute to the "Case specific report on legal aspects and insurance issues".
The workshop will focus on the legal and insurance aspects of the MU based on the experiences of the pilots, such as:

  • Policy support to encourage MU of zones and installations;
  • The regulatory framework to support multi-use, with focus on substance, such as concessions, permits, safety measures for third parties, decommissioning, nature restoration, and on procedures, such as for permits, SEA, EIA’s, stakeholder and public participation;
  • The insurance requirements in case of MU of zones and installations;
  • How maritime spatial planning can consider multi-use in spatial plans (e.g. multiple-use zones).

Target audience: all UNITED pilots. Selected (upon invitation) MU operators, their legal department or services, their stakeholders, insurance companies, governmental bodies (public authorities, advisory bodies, …) are also welcome, but priority is given to the UNITED pilots.