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Workshop 2 | Aquaculture Multi-Use Offshore: Environment and Biology


The second UNITED public training workshop " Aquaculture Multi-Use Offshore: Environment and Biology” will be held on May 17th, 2022.

Seaweed producers, academics, project partners, Marine users (developers, businesses), governmental bodies (public authorities, advisory bodies, environmental NGOs). Given the fact that offshore aquaculture and associated value chain is still a relatively ‘young sector’ in the EU, the workshop focuses on the following topics:

  • Environment: UNITED assessment framework on multi-use activities, with special attention to environment and aquaculture activities
  • Biology: Presenting first findings on target species used and impact of offshore conditions on performance.

This highly interactive online training workshop aims to raise the awareness and knowledge about multi-use for those working in the aquaculture sector but also more in general for those who are working in the maritime sector, be it private companies or public agencies. This workshop is offering training to project partners and people already familiar with aquaculture, and marine users, based on the lessons learnt after two years of experience in the UNITED project. This encompasses different issues related to the measurement of the environmental parameters and the use of these parameters within the UNITED assessment framework.

Furthermore, the workshop is meant to share the experience of the different multi-use pilots with the broader community. The result of the workshop will help to fine-tune the UNITED assessment framework that is developed within the UNITED project (environmental gain of multi-use of marine space and infrastructure). It will aid the definition of the UNITED multi-use global assessment framework, which is one of the final main products of the project. The workshop will use slido #2020UNITED and breakout rooms for the interaction with the audience.

Further information and registration are available on the event page.