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Workshop 1 | Offshore Platform Operation, Safety and Logistics within the context of multi-use


The multi-use offshore concept is still at the early stage of development, with many open questions regarding the safety of operations and logistics offshore. The safety offshore depends heavily on the skill and experience of the responsible staff.

The first UNITED public training workshop "Offshore Platform Operation, Safety and Logistics within the context of multi-use” will be held on January 26th, 2022. The workshop will contribute to the capacity building of professionals working in offshore operations and logistics and reduce risks for the ongoing and future development of ocean multi-use solutions. It will encourage an up-to-date knowledge transfer between practitioners to address current and most pressing questions about:

  • What are the greatest obstacles in MU safety and logistics?
  • Which synergetic effects could be realized in MU logistics?
  • Do MU offshore operations bear a greater safety risk than single-use offshore activities?
  • How best to address logistic bottlenecks and pitfalls in MU offshore operations?
  • Which risks need to be taken into consideration and how, when planning MU activities?
  • How can risks in MU operations be mitigated?

Further information and registration are available on the event page.