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22 January, 2018

The Marine Management Organisation in England are organising a series of events across England to engage on the draft visions and options for marine planning in the north east, north west, south east and south west. The workshops will provide stakeholders with the opportunity to check progress towards the development of the plans and will focus on: 

  • draft marine plan area visions
  • draft options to address issues in each marine plan area
  • the next steps in marine planning  

The workshops will be held at the following locations: 




North West Whitehaven 07/02/18
North West Liverpool 08/02/18
South East Chatham 21/02/18
South East London 22/02/18
South West Newquay 06/03/18
South West Plymouth 07/03/18
South West Weston-Super-Mare 08/03/18
North East Seahouses 20/03/18
North East Newcastle 21/03/18
North East Middlesbrough 22/03/18

Further information can be found at or by contacting Jessica Churchill-Bissett ( ). You can register for the events at