Survey on Cumulative Effects/Impacts Assessment and SEA Practices on MSP

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17 February, 2021

In the scope of SIMAtlantic project, a survey on Cumulative Effects/Impacts Assessment (CEA/CIA) and SEA practices at national level was developed. The main objective is to identify approaches and methodologies used by different countries regarding SEA, CEA/CIA and Ecosystem services related to MSP. This survey intends to examine different experiences in the application of SEA to MSP, the methodologies used for CEA/CIA, and how were ecosystem services integrated and considered. 

If you are knowledgeable about SEA, CEA/CIA or ecosystem services in the context of MSP in one of the SIMAtlantic countries (France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain or United Kingdom), please complete this survey. 

The results will allow identifying the main adopted approaches and methodologies, as well as the main challenges in the SIMAtlantic countries.