Supporting Maritime Spatial Planning in EU waters

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21 June, 2021

Telling the story of MSP across Europe with five Maritime Spatial Planning projects supported by the EMFF

MSP in Europe is an ambitious and collaborative project involving Member states, administrations, research institutions, industries and  society as a whole. MSP means cooperating across borders and sectors for a smart, sustainable, productive, and fair use of the maritime space. In the context of the emergence of the first national maritime spatial plans presented by Member states in 2021, the European MSP Assistance Mechanism has produced a six minute video clip introducing five representative projects in different European maritime basins, supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (2014-2020).

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The following projects are featured in the video

MSPmed: Towards the operational implementation of MSP in our common Mediterranean Sea 

MarSP: MarSP project intends to reinforce the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) processes in the three EU Macaronesian Archipelagos - Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands

MARSPLAN-B2 II: supports coherent, cross-sectoral MSP in Bulgaria and Romania under the framework of MSP Directive 2014/89/EU and to establish a long-lasting mechanism for the Black Sea Basin cross-border cooperation on MSP.

SIMAtlantic: SIMAtlantic aims to support the establishment and implementation of maritime spatial planning (MSP) in five European Atlantic countries: France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

SEANSE: The general objective of this project is to support the development and implementation of Maritime Spatial Plans, by creating a coherent approach to Strategic Environmental Assessments with a focus on renewable energy.

PANBALTIC Scope carries concrete cross-border activities at different geographical levels to meet the needs of the national maritime spatial planning processes and to support the successful implementation of the EU MSP Directive.

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