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Socio-economic Expert Roundtable

Berlin, Germany

The idea of the round table was to exchange information about on-going research and to gather a better understanding of socio-economics for MSP.  Currently research on socio-economic aspects of MSP is still in its infancy and involved researchers may be interested in methodologies and approaches used in other projects. The round table sought to foster a better understanding of these methods and additionally inspire concrete research questions.

So far socio-economic aspects of MSP cover mainly the value of sectors and the mapping of economic information. What is missing is a better understanding of the dynamics and drivers for business development and how these processes can be taken into account during real planning. Experts involved in several MSP projects came together to present their approaches and disucss with MSP authorities and planners from the Baltic Sea Region how project results can address planning needs.

The report documenting the roundtable presentations and discussions is available here.

All presentations mentioned in the report are also available:

Jan Maarten de Vet, Ecorys: Methods for doing socio-economic analysis in the Blue Growth area with relevance for MSP​

Barbara Weig, s.Pro: A spatial cost-benefit analysis to support planners in assessing the spatial distribution of economic costs and benefits of shipping and offshore wind farms.​

Annica C. Lind, Energicontor Sydost AB (Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden): Methodological approach related to offshore wind projects​

Adam Mytlewski, MIR, Department of Fisheries Economics: Economic valorisation of Polish sea space in relation to fishery and its implication for the Polish MSP


Tuomas Pohjola, University of Turku: Current status and potential for Blue Economy in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea - Indicators 

Tiiu Paas and Maryna Tverdostup, University of Tartu: Economic potential of maritime regions: research framework and preliminary results in the case EST-FIN border regions

Annika Jaansoo, University of Tartu/University of Twente: Blue economy networks​

Heini Ahtiainen, HELCOM: Socio-economic work of HELCOM​

Input from the Dutch government (Xander Keijser / Rob van der Veeren): Up-date on economic and social analyses in the OSPAR area

For more information, please contact sal [at] (Susanne Altvater. )