Slovenia adopted its final Maritime Spatial Plan in July 2021!

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26 October, 2021

The MSP was recently translated into English.

The different steps taken towards the implementation of the MSP Directive were as follows:

The MSP Directive is implemented in Slovenia through the framework of the Spatial Planning Act adopted in 2017 (OG no. 61/17 – ZUreP-2). A draft MSP (AP SPRS) was produced in early 2020. The contract for the Environmental Report was signed and a public consultation on both documents took place during 2020-2021. Finally, the Government’s adoption of the MSP was completed in July 2021.

Slovenia’s MSP was recently translated into English and neighbouring countries were informed in accordance with Article 6 of the ESPOO convention). Documents including the relevant decree, the texts and the maps in English are available at the following link:

Learn more on the Slovenian MSP process here.