Publication of the report: Mapping potential environmental impacts of offshore renewable energy

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11 October, 2022


On 10 October 2022, researchers from the AZTI Fundación, the Ecologic Institute, and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) published a report entitled “Mapping potential environmental impacts of offshore renewable energy” outlining the following:

  • Mapping of the potential environmental impacts of Offshore Renewable Energy
  • Potential interactions between offshore renewable energy devices and ecosystem components
  • Cumulative impact index, using available spatial data on marine environmental conditions, which summarises the impact of Offshore renewable energy devices on the marine environment
  • Overview of the most relevant policies, strategies, and directives in place to manage the environmental impacts from the development of offshore energy as well as synergies and trade-offs between these policies and strategies
  • Detailed review and comparison of Maritime Spatial plans of Finland, Ireland, Latvia, and Belgium

The report is available via the following link: Report