Publication of a new report and policy brief on MSP

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13 December, 2021

The Capacity4MSP project has published a new report under the activity ‘Capitalisation of current maritime spatial planning (MSP) activities and projects’. Capacity4MSP creates a practical and interactive collaboration platform for MSP stakeholders, decision- and policy makers that informs, supports and enhances ongoing MSP efforts by capitalising on the outcomes of various transnational MSP projects and national MSP processes.

The overall aim of this report is to synthesise and multiply the knowledge gained from various MSP projects and MSP practices within and beyond the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) in order to supplement EU, pan-Baltic and national commitments towards a well-functioning MSP in the BSR by 2021.

The report is composed of two parts:

  1. Screening and analysis of good practices across important themes for the future of BSR MSP;
  2. A roadmap/policy brief aimed at policymakers for MSP emphasising the topics which require public support at the current stage of the MSP development in the BSR (finalisation and adoption of marine plans). The policy roadmap/brief focuses on issues which need to be improved and where gaps with regard to shared common understanding exist.

Further information is available here.