OCEaN Messages on MSP

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10 November, 2021

The Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature (OCEaN) working group on Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) has recently finalised a document containing five key principles that Member States should integrate into their respective national MSP plans. The five messages arose as a result of collaborative discussions and mutual agreement among the OCEaN Members.

They are formulated as follows:

  1. MSPs should be planned holistically, at sea basin level and in collaboration across entire sea basins;
  2. They should be based on the long-term and consider cumulative impacts at basin level;
  3. MSPs must be based on best-practice methodology and apply the best available data, tools, knowledge and practices;
  4. They should be developed based on consultation processes and fair stakeholder engagement;
  5. Multiple use of marine areas should be considered as a tool to reconcile conflicting interests.

See the paper here.