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30 June, 2022
Valletta, Malta

Bilateral Meetings are foreseen as part of WP4 in sub task 4.2 Establishing a solid transboundary cooperation in MSP among bordering Mediterranean Member States.

As stated in the MSPMED Grant Agreement, transboundary/cross-border cooperation and collaboration in MSP is essential to improve the efficiency of planning and management of coastal and marine resources and activities, facilitating the decision-making processes.

The transboundary methodological components of MSP are necessary to overcome barriers and obstacles for its implementation (e.g. conceptual barriers, institutional barriers, geopolitical impediments).

To support the harmonization of MSP procedures of MS in the Mediterranean this task will focus on transboundary dialogue on common objectives and transboundary planning on selected areas and selected sea uses.

The proposed structure of meeting that will follow takes into consideration the methodology stated in the GA and structured around three main axes:

a) Transnational priorities regarding MSP implementation (identifying areas and main sectors of concern);

b) Analysis of the main criticalities/issues and concerns for the correct implementation of transboundary MSP;

c) Proposals of mechanisms, instruments and planning measures for the identified areas.

The event is an important moment to identify conflicts and synergies with other sectors and uses (e.g. Tourism, Fishing, Traffic, Nature Protection, new uses, etc.) especially in a transboundary perspective. Ideally the meeting will enable the draft of guidelines regarding Cultural Heritage integration in MSP considering its protection but also special role in blue economies. The event will take place in Valletta the 30th of June.