Launch of a new roadmap on advancing climate-smart MSP for offshore renewables.

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8 November, 2021

The UN Global Compact launched during COP26 the Roadmap to Integrate Clean Offshore Renewable Energy into Climate-smart Marine Spatial Planning together with leaders from the Global Wind Energy Council and IOC-UNESCO. This roadmap presents a framework for climate-smart MSP to intensify collaboration between the industry, government authorities and the MSP community, aiming to respond to the urgency of decarbonization that is needed to meet the Paris Agreement target. Specifically, the roadmap strives to encourage an increase of offshore renewable energy jointly with other climate-smart uses of the ocean and climate solutions, such as nature-based mitigation and adaptation solutions, low-trophic aquaculture and other marine space uses in climate-smart MSP for a cascading positive effect in blue growth, protection and conservation.

The development of this roadmap was given impetus by a Blue Road brief by the UN Global Compact Ocean Stewardship Coalition: The Blueprint for a Climate-Smart Ocean to Meet 1.5°C that aims to raise awareness for ocean-action in the run-up to COP26 and beyond.

The European MSP Platform's expert, Patrycja Enet, has contributed to this work as a Blue Road participant with the examples of good practices from Europe, specifically from the North Sea basin, and insights on data and knowledge sharing for MSP, among other input.

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