eMSP NBSR: Community of Practice Workshop on “Data Sharing, Information and Communication Technology Serving MSP”

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11 May, 2022

The Community of Practice (CoP) on Data sharing, information and communication technology serving MSP plans to have its first Workshop meeting on “Coherence of the MSP data and information” that is scheduled at the beginning of may. This workshop will be the occasion to present to you goals and objectives identified in our Terms of reference for this CoP, as well as CoP calendar with upcoming workshops.

The first objective of this CoP is to analyse standardization and consistency of the data format, spatial continuity aspects (cross border, spatialisation, scale and symbology) and terminology. The core of the workshop will be focused on discussions and exchanges on the content of a questionnaire regarding these topics in order to disseminate it to a larger scale: to relevant stakeholders, experts and organisations involved in MSP process.

For further information and registration, please see the event page.