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Biodiversity protection and restoration: the contribution of the recreational fisheries sector


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On the 30th of November, the Recreational Angling clubs and associations across Europe are invited to participate in the event “Biodiversity protection and restoration: the contribution of the recreational fisheries sector” where many nature protection and restoration projects will be presented. These projects range from environmental education and restoring habitats, as well as spawning grounds, to dam removal, and are intended to involve a wide variety of European citizens, angling clubs and associations. Anglers are key players in reaching EU biodiversity objectives in 2030 and facilitating access to environmental education. This event will present a collection of nature restoration projects undertaken by the European Anglers Alliance’s member organisations in Europe and some initiatives supported by the tackle industry. It will also aim at drawing out best practices as well as recommendations which can help to improve EU policies, including the Nature Restoration Law which is currently being discussed by EU institutions.

This event will highlight the recreational fisheries sector’s contribution to society using concrete examples of the work undertaken by angling associations and clubs and discuss how the EU and Member States can further support this work assisting in the implementation of the Biodiversity Strategy and reaching the EU’s environmental goals.

This conference will be chaired by the MEP Nicolas Herbst and will take place in the European Parliament in Brussels from 16:00 to 18:00.

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